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Social Media Company Policy Creation and Editing Tool

Social Media Company Policy Creation and Editing Tool

Social Media Influence

The Social Media Policy Tool is a company guidelines and employee policy document generator that simplifies the process of creating a company policy.  The tool allows you to create a policy using guidelines that respect the rights of your employees while protecting your company’s brand and reputation online.*

The web based software is very easy to use.  A streamlined process simply requires you to answer a brief questionnaire and fill in a few text fields.  The output generated provides you with a complete Social Media Policy document customized to your company’s needs.

Automotive Digital Marketing Professionals

If you are a marketing or sales professional in the automotive industry, please visit and join the Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community.  The URL can be reached using a shortened format at http://ADM.fm .

Automotive Social Media Marketing

If you are a social media marketing professional working with, or in the automotive industry, please visit and join the Automotive Social Media Marketing Network.  The URL can be reached using a shortened format at http://AutomotiveSocial.com

The Social Media Policy Tool has been developed by rtraction in collaboration with Harrison Pensa lawyer David R. Canton, one of North America’s leading authorities in internet and technology related legal issues.

Professional Networkers Love Web 2.0, UGC and Social Media Sites

Social Media Users Thrive on Networking and Depend on it as Their Most Trusted Information Source

Trusted Medium
Using social media sites for both online and offline networking is one of the most important activities among people who use Web 2.0 type sites. The results of Beresford Research’s “Use of Online Social Networks” white paper show a surprisingly high percentage of Web 2.0 site users list offline face-to-face interaction as an important outcome of their online social network participation. This is especially significant when dealership’s consider their participation in online social media marketing.

When looking at the Beresford research report’s list of online activities, the only activity more popular than social networking was using email. Even the use of online Chat clients and the most basic of all online activities, Web browsing actually ranked lower in significance compared to social networking by the Internet users surveyed.

Online versus Offline
Internet users participating in the study were asked to compare using web based social networks with several popular offline activities. Social network users responded that going out with friends on a face-to-face basis was the online offline activity more important than online social networking. Real would face-to-face activities such as playing games, reading, watching TV and playing sports… All ranked below online social networking in importance to these consumers.

Web 2.0 User Activities
As for which activities within Web 2.0 sites had the greatest significance, the Beresford study reports that posting photos was the most important of all social networking activities. 81% of the study’s respondents use their Web 2.0 sites for storing and displaying photos.

Submitting their response, or commenting on the forum and blog posts of other Wb 2.0 site members and posting their own opinions, comments and information was reported as the second most important WQeb 2.0 site activity.

Most interesting to those of us who are working on developing ways to use Social Media as a marketing and advertising tool for selling cars, was that 25% of Web 2.0 site users visited the sites of a company, product or service listed on their social networks. Remarkable to those accustomed to looking at reports with Click Through Rates (CTR) of less than 1% was that 38% of the study’s participants regularly click on display advertisements appearing within their Web 2.0 sites.

Purchase Decisions
People who use Web 2.0 sites place a high degree of trust in their social networks. 50% of Beresford’s respondents said they considered information shared on their networks to be highly credible and was considered important to them when making a buying decision… With a yet higher level (65%) of Web 2.0 site users aged 18 to 24 relying on information they receive from social network members when making purchase decisions. The potential for leveraging social networks in an effective manner to generate “buzz” about cars or the deals being made at a dealership would appear to be significant, and worthy of marketing focus by dealers.

“This is a particularly important finding,” according to the Beresford report, “in that it suggests that these younger users have integrated social networks into their lives to such an extent that it has become a trusted resource for their decision making.”

The Beresford study’s results focused on decision-making among Web 2.0 site users in general, not just purchase decisions. However, what is new information is that they suggest a much greater reliance on social networks for information used in purchase decision making than earlier surveys have shown. For example, in March 2009 a study published by Knowledge Networks found that between 10% and 24% of Web 2.0 site users obtained information from social networks when making purchase decisions… Less than 5% said they “always” did research within their social networks in the older study. The new findings reported in the Beresford study shows much higher number of people relying on consumer generated reviews and reports available online. This more recent information makes the development of a Reputation Management strategy all the more important for dealers and car companies.

Data and Information sourced from eMarketer.com

Reputation Management: Car Salesmen Surpass Congress On Ethics and Honesty Ratings Among American Consumers – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community (ADM)

Reputation Management: Car Salesmen Surpass Congress On Ethics and Honesty Ratings Among American Consumers – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community (ADM).

By Ralph Paglia

It is about time that automotive professionals start to move up in society’s ranks for prestige and trustworthiness… Or, is this indicative of what is happening to congressional reputations?

It is not as if we, the auto industry, needed more reason to justify a concerted effort on the part of dealers for reputation management strategies and processes… However, this is further proof that there is a lot to be gained by a massive grass roots movement by dealers to portray themselves in a more positive manner, and to let the public know about all the benefits they bring to the local community. It is expecially apparent that dealers need to communicate the genuine commitment most of them have towards doing business in an ethical and high integrity manner. Not to do so is to allow the voices of the few that are upset with dealers to be the only statements visible to the public about each dealer’s business practices… (Use Article Title Link to Read More)

Mazda Community; Social Media Reaches More Shoppers than Search Engines and Web Portals

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Study: Social Media Reaches More Shoppers than Search Engines, Portals

December 12, 2009
LAS VEGAS — If the auto industry wants to target prospective new-vehicle buyers online, it would more effective to use social networking sites like Facebook instead of online search engines or portals, speakers at the opening presentation of the 2009 J.D. Power and Associates Automotive Internet Roundtable suggested Thursday.

At the conference — which is being held at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in Las Vegas through today — J.D. Power and Compete presented analysis that indicates social media can reach more potential new-car buyers than such avenues as Google or Yahoo.

Their clickstream analysis tracks the actual Web URL addresses that new-car buyers visit, and suggests that auto marketers can be better positioned to find potential new-car buyers online by developing a presence within social networking sites.

And they can increase their chances to interact with new-vehicle shoppers by creating fan pages or profiles. But the study also warned that overt advertising on social networks is likely to be viewed negatively by consumers.

Continuing on, their clickstream analysis also found that one-third of buyers go to an auto brand Web site or third-party site during the prior six months (or longer) before making a purchase, and two-thirds do the same three months before buying.

Also, 19 percent of auto buyers who browse online claimed that they access dealer sites first. However, 41 percent head to OEM sites first and 40 percent visit third-party auto sites right off the bat.

Additionally, new-car buyers who shop around online tend to consider an average of 2.9 vehicles.

“Clickstream analysis provides a comprehensive look at online buyers and their realities of their shopping behavior,” noted Gene Cameron, vice president of media and marketing solutions at J.D. Power.

Moving on, the Automotive Internet Roundtable also discussed how social media analysis can be used as a tool to better understand auto consumers, especially in light of the increasing popularity of social networking.

For instance, social media analysis examining online auto conversations has discovered that:

—Much of the discussions involving hybrids are more about competition and fuel efficiency and less about pricing and features.

—Web conversations about pickup trucks have decreased this year, but there are more social networkers talking about hybrids and vans.

“Social media is now shaping customer expectations in any and every way,” noted Chance Parker, vice president and general manager of the Web intelligence division at J.D. Power.

“Listening to social media is increasingly on people’s radar screens and people are scrambling to understand it,” Parker continued. “It’s not enough simply to count the buzz, it is important to understand what that buzz really means to your brand.”

Source: http://www.autoremarketing.com/ar/news/story.html?id=10246

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